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Hey I'm Jenny.I'm 21!!!! I love doing things for others and anything where I can use my creative ability. I am real excited about my future and what God has planned for me. Music is the greatest thing on Earth other than God's Love for all mankind. When you have faith in God your never affraid of tomorrow or what's going to happen next. Your much happier because you relieze your never alone, and someone loves you when it feels like no one else does.

I would like be an english teacher, secondary meaning middle school and High school. I hope to be a high school maybe even teach poetry because I definitly love that!!!

My life is so awesome because I have the sweetest boyfriend in the entire world!!! Rob is so friggin sexy and he's all for me and Im so lucky to have such a great guy that I can have and hold in my life. Thank you bunny for always being supportive and positive and understanding and loving and for always having an open ear, open arms and a kind heart. Your so wonderful baby! Kisses!!!
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