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Can't I catch a break?

Ok so I was finally feeling better cause I had gone to the doctors and got medicine. Well as of yesterday I havn't been feeling good and I think whatever I was fighting went into my lungs and I have broncidus. I had State Boards class today and we did the practical like how it's going to be at the actual State Boards exam. So it was really stressful and I was coughing up my lungs it was awful. Im going to the doctors again in the morning at 8:30 thats so early especially for my day off but its going to be worth it cause Im sick of not being able to breathe. But other than that this week was so amazing! Me and Rob had such a great week we were laughing and talking about our wedding and what our family is going to be like. It was super cute he was super affectionite too cause he missed me so much it was so awesome I was just living it up and enjoying every minute of it. We went out to dinner on tuesday night and then wednesday night we went out for drinks with brian and bridget which was a lot of fun. It's so funny cause now when we all get together me and Bridget sit next to each other with the guys on our other sides and their actually the ones who were friends first. Bridget and I didn't even talk for like a really long time and now we have so much fun when we get together. Me and Rob are supposed to get together tonight but I dont know cause Im not feeling too hot and I dont want to get worse, and I dont want to get him sick cause then thats going to be a whole nother week off from each other and I neither one of us wanted that. Im watching Mean Girls and laughing because it's so much like Dakota. I can't belive were going to have been out of High School three years after this class gets out. I feel like I should have done so much more but whatever I'll be done in April and I will be able to get a job where I can make some real money!

Happy New Year 2007

Well I was kind of thinking this New Year would be as much fun as last years but the party wasnt a Go. Rob and I were kind of upset trying to figure out what we were going to do well as it was I ended up getting really sick and Rob didn't want to go out without me so stopped talking to people about what they were doing and trying to get some ppl together and it's a good thing because he woke up yesterday morning and he was feeling sick and not up to company so it was actually ok. Although I naturally would have rather been healthy and out with the group but thats ok, Rob and I got together for the last two hours of 2006 and it was fun. Esecially since we hadn't been able to hang out since last monday cause I worked super late tuesday and wednesday, then I got really sick thursday and it went down hill from there. But I did get to see him for a minute when he came over my house and brought me Panera soup because I was kind of hungry, my family left me, and I couldn't drive because of the medicine. He came through and took care of me he was my Prince Charming lol. Im off work today and so is he so its kind of nice were going to get together I think we're both still sick but were feeling better so we want to hang out but were staying inside we dont have the energy to go out in the crowds or immune system. I definitley have strepthroat though but Im taking Zinc, gargling salt water and eating Vitamin C cough drops, oh yeah and tons of water so Im basically doing everything I can to get better without going to the doctors cause they will give me some shitty medicine and whenever I do that and cave in and take the meds I always end up getting really sick shortly after with something so much worse and I loose a bunch of time in life spending it in bed so Im going to opt. not to do that this time. My family has all left me again and I am getting hungry so I think Im going to go to Subway cause we dont have anything easy here to make like a sandwhich or anything. So I guess Im going to go get ready to be with Rob and maybe he'll go to subway for me!

life is good

Life is good!
Rob and I are awesome I love him and he loves me more!
Life is good
School is getting easier the more I learn the better I am and they all recognize!
Life is good
My parents only annoy me half as much as they used to cuz I spend more time at home!
Life is good
Friendships are becomming strohger with school friends and I love their company!
Life is good
I saw my family this weekend and their all healthy at last!
Life is good
I died my hair and there is no more rootage going on!
Life is good
Im happy as a whole I would say: therefor
Life is good

sooooo yeaH and stuff

ummm Lifes good im happy bout spring coming, ummmm yEAH did I mention I hate the city of Utica? ok thats all Im going to say about that, need more info call me. Ummmmmm yeah rob's and my one year is less than two weeks away and Im more than pumped!!!!!! School's a lot of fun I totally love it but Im totally exhausted when the weeks down. 40 hours a week is killin me but Im going to be done sooner than if I was still going to MCC which I totally hated it there by the way, yeah so life is good and Im also totally pumped for my birthday coming up in June Im going to be the big 21 and it's going to rock harder,louder, and drinks will be passed to many.

yeah this is basically,....RIGHT ON!

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thats what I thought jigga

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oooh my God I luv it!

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yay winters almost done!

ok so good news! It's February which can only mean one thing... were closer to warm weather and let me tell you I couldn't be happier. Im starting school in 12 days and I couldn't be more excited. The only thing thats weird is Im leaving my job which is something I've wanted to do for months because I hate all the drama but now that it's happening Im getting kind of sad cuz everyone's finally telling my how much they like me and how much their going to miss me and Im like really suprised because I didn't know that I made such a big impact on so mnay people I guess all those cheesy emails you get fowarded are true when they tell you to be nice to ppl cuz you dont know whats going on in their lives. So Im training the new girl she seems pretty nice I think she's going to be fine but it's going to be weird not going there everyday and seeing the same ppl I've seen for years. I've made some really great friendships so Im going to have to keep up with them but it's not going to be easy because Im going to be very busy. Im doing really good with getting back in shape I've lost 7 pounds and Im keepin it off. Im going to the gym regulary and eating healthier, It's not easy. Sometimes when I get out of work I dont feel like doing much of anything but it doesn't matter because I want results so I got to go. Rob and I are still together it's been 10 months and it's awesome. It's def. a very good relationship for both of us because we balance each other out and it's awesome. Everyday is exciting to hear what kind of goofy voicemail Im going to get from him when he wakes up. And just hearing his voice after work calms me down. It's awesome I can't even believe one person can make me feel so good about myself. Plus I do the same for him, he's told me. How awesome is that? I mean honestly lol we have perfect harmony. The things we do arguee about are thr dumbest things cause we dont have any real problems or arguements about each other. It's actually kinda funny we were laughing about it the other day. Life is good and Im very happy. Im so pumped about starting school in a couple of weeks it's going to be school that I enjoy. It's going to be awesome. Im going to get my license and then hopefully immeditally get hired to a fat cash salon and move out with rob so we can have our own place and a kitty. lol. I dont know which one Im more pumped about. So last weekend Andy was in the Mac so naturally that daggo came over and hung out with us and threw a couple back with us it was some good times. I saw Stephanie and Jen at the mall it was awesome seeing them. I havn't seen them in like God knows how long. Sunday I def. slept into 12 woke up ate something talked a lil then went back to bed at 2 and didn't wake up until 8. Went back to sleep at at 11:30 woke up at 1 went home and went right back to bed. lol I felt so awesome monday morning I could have ran a marathon. Instead, I just went to the gym. I did pilates yesterday night one word - AWESOME! I luved it! Anyways Im off to surf the net. I need to update more often this was way late. Love Bean

my dream proposal

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